Photoshop Exposure

During my Photoshop experiment, I explored the exciting technique of double exposure. This technique allowed me to seamlessly combine two images to create unique and artistic compositions. I experimented with different images, such as landscapes and portraits, to bring together high-contrast elements and achieve a visually intriguing effect.

My workflow in Photoshop to create double exposure effects involved placing the selected images on separate layers and applying blend modes, opacity and coverage to achieve the desired mix. I also experimented with adjustment layers and filters to adjust the mood and appearance of the compositions, such as adjusting colour tones, enhancing contrasts and applying vignetting.

The result of my experimentation was a unique and intriguing image. It invites you to explore the different layers of meaning and symbolism present in the composition. This experiment pushed my creative boundaries and triggered my interest to further experiment with techniques within Photoshop, allowing me to explore new possibilities in digital image editing and further develop my skills.